A simple process to create your unique selling proposition

In this session you will be taught:

  • The Unique Selling Proposition and how to create your own
  • Why you will become the bottleneck if everything is tied to you
  • Getting your team to buy-in to your USP
  • Systemizing important tasks in order to scale
  • The importance of holding regular meetings with your team

Joe Rizzo

Business Development Strategist, GoToFunnels

9:00 am ET

Your 3 ideas that set you apart from competitors


Peter Sandeen

Value proposition expert, Sandeen Oy

9:30 am ET

How to turn your leverage into a focused strategy


Stever Robbins

CEO, Stever Robbins

10:00 am ET

Create a market thirsty for your product by niching your audience

In this session you will be taught:

  • The meaning of “don’t just work from your passion”
  • Why you shouldn’t say yes to everything
  • Questions you should ask when refining your niche
  • Using network groups to find your first client
  • Being open to different niches

Dino Watt

CEO, Our Ripple Effect

3:00 pm ET

A proven process to develop an ideal customer profile


Ajay Prasad

Founder, RepuGen

3:30 pm ET


How to speak directly to your clients in their own words


Portia R. Jackson

Facebook Ads Strategist, Launchpad Social

9:00 am ET

How to create personalized experiences for your prospects

In this session you will be taught:

  • How to personalize your website for each visitor
  • Using surveys to find your segments within your audience
  • Defining your segments through Behavior, Demographic, and Relational data
  • Why specific is better than generic
  • Why you should use the tools that you already have

Brennan Dunn

Founder, Double Your Freelancing

9:30 am ET

Grow a loyal and engaged community by prioritizing meaningful connection


Sophie Bujold

Founder & Chief Strategist, Cliqueworthy

10:00 am ET

Build loyal fans and grow your recurring revenue with a podcast

In this session you will be taught:

  • Why you must start a podcast
  • Why it is better to just start
  • Why you must have a CTA for every episode
  • Asking your audience what kind of topics they would like covered
  • Using surveys to detect patterns in your audience

Joan Boluda

CEO, Boluda

3:00 pm ET

Strengthen relationships with this 5 step routine to ramp up revenue

In this session you will be taught:

  • Developing your own strategic discipline in business
  • Handling your challenges by implementing a daily routine
  • Setting priorities in reaching out to your contacts through your CRM
  • Super charge the power of your network by making introductions
  • Dropping a hitlist to people you want to add to your contacts
  • How to work on your pipelines using your sales and marketing strategies

Matthew Kimberley

Sales Expert, Matthew Kimberley

3:30 pm ET


Own the racecourse and build on your own platform

In this session you will be taught:

  • The philosophy of “owning the race course”
  • Why you must not become platform-dependent
  • How to know where to focus your time and energy
  • Why collecting re-marketing cookies are critical
  • Create content upgrades for your customers

James Schramko

Founder, Superfast Business

9:00 am ET

How your email list can be your most valuable asset

In this session you will be taught:

  • The three steps to establishing relationships
  • Why podcasts shouldn’t be your primary distribution channel
  • Why driving traffic isn’t the most important thing
  • Why you need to treat your customers as best friends
  • Creating offers that convert

Mike Dillard

Founder, Self Made Man

09:30 am ET

How to take calculated personal risks to create the business and life you desire

In this session you will be taught:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of your potential risks
  • How Merideth and her husband shifted their mindset when it came to risks
  • Why you need to take care of your emotional well-being
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from your fears of risk
  • Creating spreadsheets and methodologies to tracking your finances

Merideth Bisiker

Certified Holistic Money Coach, Merideth the Money Coach

3:00 pm ET

How to get clear on your goals and a process to achieve them

In this session you will be taught:

  • Creating the ideal leader
  • How to make self-awareness a part of your daily habit
  • How self-awareness can lead to greater clarity in life and business
  • How writing helps to identify patterns in your life
  • Figuring out your ideal life and then working towards it

Joy Passey

Founder, JOY Prosperity Coaching

3:30 pm ET


4 stages and structures to scale your monthly revenue

In this session you will be taught:

  • The 4x4 model for Scaling an online business
  • The meaning of “scaling sustainably”
  • The five main categories for your team
  • The meaning of “jumping the cue”
  • Why you should not mess with what works

Breanne Dyck

Founder, MNIB Consulting

9:00 am ET

Move towards the money without feeling greedy

In this session you will be taught:

  • Why you must to move towards the money
  • The meaning of “trim the fat”
  • Why having a checklist is valuable
  • Why the best way to help people is to charge them
  • Why you should outsource to spend time more wisely

Courtney Foster-Donahue

Business & marketing strategist, Courtney Foster-Donahue

9:30 am ET

How to double your pricing and create a signature system

In this session you will be taught:

  • Being clear on your cost and your price
  • Why you should be concerned if you are over-delivering
  • Where Karen gets her biggest sales
  • How beta launches can help you figure out your price point
  • Why you need to create a personal brand immediately

Karen Yankovich

President, Uplevel Media

10:00 am ET

Earn more and worry less with the 7 key areas of profitability

In this session you will be taught:

  • The 7 ways to increase profitability
  • How to find clarity in your life and your business
  • Why you only need incremental benefits
  • The Profit Yourself Healthy system
  • Why you need to develop the Profit Mindset

Dave Fuller

Strategist, Fuller Business Development

3:00 pm ET

How to price your product and measure performance

In this session you will be taught:

  • How pricing can have a 2x to 4x impact than focusing on your acquisition
  • How to start pricing your product or service
  • Get to know your customers like a fast growing business
  • Process to create your customer profile and use that for pricing
  • The different types of pricing and which one is most likely to lead to success

Patrick Campbell

CEO, ProfitWell

3:30 pm ET


How to systemize your business to run smoothly and profitably without you

In this session you will be taught:

  • How working harder and earning more is a fallacy
  • Systemizing your business in order to free up your time
  • Identifying the “brain surgery” in your business
  • Creating visual pictures of your system
  • Why franchise businesses are significantly more successful than startups

Joel Gerschman

Business Coach, The Mindful Entrepreneur

9:00 am ET

How to recruit, select and develop talent that you can rely on


Thomasina Skipper

President, Thomasina Skipper

9:30 am ET

Conscious Focused Action formula for creating wealth

In this session you will be taught:

  • The most important step in JV’s three step formula
  • Why being numbers-oriented goals are easier to track
  • The three kinds of results
  • The best time to implement JV’s formula
  • Figuring out what motivates you internally


Founder, Conscious Millionaire Institute

3:00 pm ET

5 levers to economic independence and personal wealth

In this session you will be taught:

  • The five steps to become economically independent
  • Create five objectives quarterly and annually
  • Having a compelling vision for your company
  • Why you must delegate low level tasks
  • How to recruit and train people the right way

Garrett Gunderson

Chief Wealth Architect, Wealth Factory

3:30 pm ET

Find, create and thrive from high quality opportunities

In this session you will be taught:

  • What opportunity is and how it’s changing
  • How reality is moving towards the “creativerse”
  • A process to overcome opportunity shock
  • How to choose high quality opportunities when options are exploding
  • How to stop being pulled in different directions in life and business

Eben Pagan

Entrepreneur and Investor, Eben Pagan

4:00 pm ET

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